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Hello and welcome to our new research project on music festivals!


Welcome to our new research project based in the History department at the University of South Wales. In the attached pic, History researcher Dr Maria Nita (left) displays our introductory poster at a British Academy workshop on interdisciplinary research. We’ve achieved much of what we set out to do with our previous research project, the Hippy Trail. We interviewed dozens of really interesting and lovely people. We’ve provided an online forum, which is ongoing, and will allow ex-travellers to continue to share their experiences and reconnect with old friends. And we’ve published some of our research, with more to come next year e.g. a book about the Hippy Trail to be published by Manchester University Press. This work has inspired us to continue research into the era so we’ve started a new project called ‘A Social History of Pop Festivals: Woodstock, Glastonbury, Altamont, Isle of Wight‘.

WE WELCOME CONTRIBUTIONS FROM ANYONE WHO ATTENDED ANY OF THESE EVENTS! Please share here your thoughts and experiences. Contributions will be moderated and may therefore not appear immediately.


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